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CDL 2015-2016 setlist for the 29/12

Here is the CDL trackliste of the 29/12. The live lasted around 2h, no MC.

Posted on 29/12/2015 17:41 by ayu_alanis 

Setlist for the 1st day of ARENA TOUR 2015 ~Cirque de Minuit~

Here is the setlist for the 1st day of ARENA TOUR 2015 ~Cirque de Minuit~ :

Posted on 11/04/2015 18:40 by ayu_alanis 

CDL 2013-2014 setlist for the 29/12

Here is the CDL trackliste of the 29/12 and some additional information about the concert:

Yesterday live lasted around 2h

Posted on 30/12/2013 4:16 by ayu_alanis 

CDL 2013-2014 potential setlist

This year again, I wanted to test my transformation into ice drifts behind Yoyogi to hear some rehearsal snippets of the CDL. We arrived too late for the beginning, but fortunately a friend who was there, nicely completed our tracklist =) ENCORE songs are still missing. Too cold! After nearly one hour of waiting, I came back to hotel.

Confirmation tomorrow after the 1st concert ^^

Posted on 28/12/2013 18:06 by ayu_alanis 

New 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~ Ayupans

To celebrate the DVD release, new 15th Anniversary TOUR ~A BEST LIVE~ version ayupans will be on sale from the 30/10 at 19:00 (Japanese hour) on mumo website

Source: Official site, mumo

Posted on 28/10/2013 11:49 by ayu_alanis 

51st single release announcement more than 3 years after L!

Surprise this morning: the official announcement of a new physical single Feel the love / Merry-go-round which will be released on Dec 25. It has been more than 3 years now since the last Ayumi single, L, was released on Sep 29th, 2010.

The double-sided single is classified as EDM (Electric Dance Music) mixed by Jaycen Joshua and mastered by Dave Kutch.
The 1st track « Feel the love » composed by Tetsuya Komuro is announced as a world premiere, since it's produced by DJ Hello Kitty!
The 2nd track « Merry-go-round » is produced by m-flo with VERBAL in featuring for the RAP part.

The single will be released in 3 versions: CD, CD+DVD et CD+DVD version Teamayu. The DVD will contain the PV of both songs shooted in L.A. A special interview of Ayumi is included in Teamayu version DVD.

You can already listen to Feel the love short version on the official youtube channel

Feel the love / Merry-go-round (25-12-2013)
CD+DVD [AVCD-48775/B] ¥1,890 Pre-order on CDjapan
CD [AVCD-48776/B] ¥1,050 Pre-order on CDjapan
CD (Version Teamayu) AVC1-48886/B ¥1,890

• Feel the love (Original mix)
• Merry-go-round (Original mix)
• Feel the love (Original mix -Instrumental-)
• Merry-go-round (Original mix -Instrumental-)

1. Feel the love (video clip)
2. Merry-go-round (video clip)
AVC1-48886/B version TA : 3. A interview

Sources : Official site, CDjapan

Posted on 23/10/2013 12:40 by ayu_alanis 

a-nation 2013 setlist and first pictures

Today a-nation final was held in Tokyo, only date on which Ayumi took part. a-nation'13 will be broadcasted the 6th October on WOWOW. Here is the tracklist for Ayu:

2 - Rule
3 - Moments
4 - TO BE
6 - Medley : Greatful days, Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~, Boys & Girls
7 - You & Me
8 - July 1st

Photo by Ryan Chan

Sources : Twitter officiel, barks, mixi

Posted on 01/09/2013 15:35 by ayu_alanis 

A CLASSICAL tracklist and cover

The cover and tracklist of the 3rd opus among the 5 releases for the 15th anniversary, A CLASSICAL, have been published on the official website. The songs were rearranged by Kousuke Yamashita. The cover was drawn by a pixiv artist (the japanese deviartArt).


Release date: 2013/01/08
CD [AVCD38689] 3 255 円
Pre-order on CDJapan

01 - M
02 - Love song
04 - You & Me
06 - Days
07 - Voyage
08 - Song 4 u
09 - Missing
10 - Dearest

Sources: official site & truehappiness@AHS

Posted on 10/12/2012 16:15 by ayu_alanis 

In brief

Wake me up PV (short version) | Official Youtube channel
07/12/2012 19:18

In brief

snowy kiss PV (short version) | Official Youtube channel
07/12/2012 19:16
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